Candice is the founder of Fotheringham Styling and Gentleman’s Life Styling, and has been a Dating Expert, Life Coach and Personal Stylist for over 7 years, coaching individuals from all over the world!

Candice’s career began in a very unusual way. She was a professional ballerina with the Birmingham Royal Ballet 2002 – 2008, dancing many exciting and challenging roles. It was at this point in her life where Candice’s passion for Costume Design, Personal Image and self development led her to working as a Personal Stylist for a Life Coaching and Dating business in 2010.

During her time with the company, Candice fell even more in love with helping people. Even when she was Styling clients, her growing expertise with Life Coaching meant that she could combine the two: not only style them but help clients to understand the psychology behind the Fashion Styles and colours they wear, and give them advice on any issues currently going on in their life.

Candice is highly ambitious and it wasn’t long before she was a Life Coach and Dating Coach within the company. Very soon after, she spread her wings and founded Fotheringham Styling in 2013.

Candice has achieved many things since starting her own company. Styling individuals for big corporate events and helping clients with their everyday style. Candice designed and created outfits for girl group Monroe for the Malta Music Awards and the Isle Of Wight Festival, and was a Fashion Stylist for one of the closing parties at London Fashion Week. She has created services such as the Day Makeover and Full Makeover to help clients primarily with their Fashion sense, and other services that focus on self confidence such as Life Coaching and her newest exciting Dating service, The Weekend Transformation, which focuses on helping women to become confident with men, find the balance between career and love, and building long and successful relationships.

At the end of 2016, Candice began Gentleman’s Life Styling which has all the same services and is going from strength to strength!