The 10 Fashion mistakes

Posted 29th May 2018

Fashion has many styles. Casual, trendy, vibrant, equestrian, alternative, sexy, preppy, classic… but no matter what your style and where you love to shop, the rules remain the same. There are 10 fashion mistakes that in my opinion are an absolute no no. Making the below fashion mistakes can ruin your entire look.   Stickers […]

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Finding your wedding dress

Posted 2nd September 2017

Firstly, Congratulations on your Engagement. Such an exciting time in your life! One of the first things you are bound to think about is the dress you’ll be wearing when you walk down the aisle to your future husband. Finding the right dress can be a bit overwhelming. I have worked with many brides to […]

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How to deal with loss

Posted 29th September 2016

Hello and welcome to Fotheringham Styling’s blog page. Here I normally talk about Fashion Style but today i’m going to hang up my stylish shoes and cover one of the other topics that I deal with through the new Life Coaching service, Life Styling. As part of the new Life Styling service I help clients […]

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What to wear at Ascot

Posted 12th June 2016

The Royal Ascot is an elegant and luxurious day out, and the perfect excuse to dress up in your impressive fashionable attire and feel a million dollars! Over the past 300 years, Ascot has become the centrepiece of the British social calendar. Which is why it’s time for us ladies to show what we’ve got! […]

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What to wear on a first date

Posted 29th April 2016

So you’re going on a first date with someone you’ve just met or have liked for sometime. As well as exciting, a first date can make you feel nervous and get butterflies. I’m sure you’ll agree, confidence with how you will dress for this date matters a great deal more than any other occasion. You […]

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How to make your legs look longer

Posted 20th March 2016

By Candice Fotheringham We all love a good pair of legs. Whether it’s a man or woman, the tone and definition sometimes leaves us feeling a little hot under the collar! And some very lucky people have the advantage of legs that just seem to go on forever. We are all so different, so many […]

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Organising your wardrobe

Posted 13th March 2016

  Many of my clients have lots of clothes yet nothing to wear, does this sound familiar? A wardrobe that is cluttered and unorganised makes it hard to put outfits together and most likely you forget about a lot of the clothing you do have. With this kind of clutter Its frustrating and time consuming […]

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Develop passion for your fashion

Posted 4th March 2016

Many people see clothing, simply as garments that cover the body to protect them from exposure and the cold. For others, it’s a great deal more… I see an outfit as art, the blank canvas to create art using the perfect blend of colours, tones and textures that create a masterpiece! I want you to […]

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6 ways to enjoy the little black dress

Posted 11th November 2015

The little black dress… the timeless, elegant, trusted to get noticed item that every woman should own. It’s the stylish dress that makes you feel your best; and you probably feel tempted to wear it for many occasions. Do you sometimes avoid wearing the dress because you fear everyone will say You wear that a […]

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The benefits of a Personal Stylist

Posted 23rd October 2015

“Personal Styling, the service that’s tailor made for you” Shopping for clothes can be a frustrating chore! So many colours, styles and fashion labels in the world that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Everyone at some stage feels unsure about what clothes are right for them, and this is where a Personal Stylist is a great help. My […]

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