Many people see clothing, simply as garments that cover the body to protect them from exposure and the cold. For others, it’s a great deal more…

I see an outfit as art, the blank canvas to create art using the perfect blend of colours, tones and textures that create a masterpiece! I want you to develop this mindset and enjoy the pleasures of feeling fabrics gracefully fall over the contours of your body, and how they make you feel, inside and out.

Do you have a dress that makes you feel a million dollars? Think about the details of this dress; how it flows, how the fabric feels against your skin and the colour that makes you feel at your most confident. You are almost seduced by this item that you luckily have in your possession! It’s important to be in love with your clothing, it sparks the inspiration to indulge in your creativity, so much so that your friends will start to copy your fashion trends.

Your clothing is the core of your outfit but there’s more to creating this masterpiece. It’s the attention to detail; the combination of cleverly applied makeup that compliments your outfit, a hairstyle that suits you and your features, and the all important icing on the cake AKA accessories and shoes.

Dare to be seduced by style and you’ll become instantly more creative.


Look at the woman in the picture¬†below, the vibrant red blazer is the main feature of this outfit, which is picked out on the underside of the shoes. The delicate necklace makes the look so elegant. For a chunkier look, add a variety of bangles and a chunky or busier necklace. The trousers finishing just below the calf is slimming and a little but sexy. Such a simple outfit to create. With the vibrant colour, it’s a look that so many will be keen to copy!




Got the little black dress that needs a new create twist? Try adding a bright blazer such as this electric blue with matching accessorise. It wakes up the look and is super classy and sexy. Notice how the necklace I’ve added matches the neckline of the dress. This will fall perfectly in line with the dress making it look part of it.



Hopefully now you are feeling inspired to start creating a new outfit, excited to strut your stuff and show the world. Enjoy expressing your individuality, it’s endless what you can do with fashion. Go get creative!

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