Many of my clients have lots of clothes yet nothing to wear, does this sound familiar? A wardrobe that is cluttered and unorganised makes it hard to put outfits together and most likely you forget about a lot of the clothing you do have. With this kind of clutter Its frustrating and time consuming to piece an outfit together, which often leads to heading out to the shops spending money you don’t necessarily need to spend.

You only need about 20 key items to give you a wardrobe that is stylish and easy to maintain. The perks are that you will be able to see all your clothing clearly and your clothes will stay in a much better condition and last longer. Your wardrobe is personal, it resembles your character and how you truly see yourself. Clutter free wardrobe, clutter free mind!

Here are some tips on getting the wardrobe you’ll be proud of.


Step 1: The good, the bad and the charity!
To start, I’d like you to go through your entire wardrobe and sort your items in to three piles; the good, the bad and the charity. The good pile will consist of your favourite items, the ones you simply can’t live without! The bad pile will be the items that are damaged and could not be sold on. This will usually be something of comfort or sentiment that you keep wearing to death but hasn’t been on trend for years. Say your goodbyes… and throw it out! The charity pile will be the clothing that doesn’t fit correctly, the colour isn’t right or you simply don’t want to wear anymore. If you’re not sure about any items, try them on.


Step 2: Clean and cleanse.
Take out any remaining stuff like boxes, accessories and shoes and give the wardrobe a good clean. Dust, hoover and make it feel like a new wardrobe. You may also want to dry clean some of your clothing to make it fresh and exciting to wear.


Step 3: Keeping the order.
When returning your items to the wardrobe, think about what clothing you wear most; professional attire, dresses, smart casual for example. What ever your priority, these items should ideally¬† be on the left side of the wardrobe, or the side of the wardrobe that is most easy to get to. It’ll save you so much time in the mornings! My wardrobe for example starts with tops as it’s always the first item I put on, followed by my trousers and jeans so that I can visualise what trousers to wear with the top; followed by work dresses, casual dresses, cocktail dresses and party dresses (yes, I have a lot of dresses), then my jackets and blazers as it’s the last thing I put on my body.


My theory.
Make sure that the clothing in the wardrobe is positioned so that when you open the wardrobe door/s all items are facing towards you, not away. For example, some hangers are slightly curved to show the back of it, or something is placed on the front of the hanger to show the front. As I have my clothes in order from the left, the clothes are all facing the left. It sounds a little silly but you will connect more with the item and be able to visualise the outfit more. Try hanging a few of your items, as a test facing away from you and see how it makes you feel, it is just like the clothes are turning their back to you! The same applies to footwear, have them facing you as they do in any shoe shop; they are facing that way for a reason… temptation!


Step 4: Colour code.
As I have said in previous blogs, colour creates mood. Now you have your wardrobe almost sorted, what is your most dominant colour? Does your wardrobe look colourful or is it looking a little dull? It maybe time to brighten your wardrobe, if you’re not a fan of bold colour, add a hint of colour using accessories such as light weight scarves, shoes and bags to brighten your look, your mood and even bring out your eyes.

And what do you need to complete your wardrobe… More tops, trousers? You may even find you had the perfect wardrobe all along!


Step 5: Accessory department.
Your accessories, just like your clothing, should be kept in a good place that is organised and easily accessible. The accessories and jewellery such as rings, watches, earrings and necklaces are the icing on the cake. Keep these items well presented to tempt and inspire you to be creative everyday.


Step 7: Let there be light!


Maintaining your wardrobe is generally the difficult bit. Keep your wardrobes well lit by adding lights so that when you open your wardrobe, you will be excited to choose your next creative combination. The other benefit of having light is so you can see the quality of the clothing, you will enjoy keeping all your items in tip top condition. You can buy these lights on eBay and many other stores.

See your wardrobe as your investment, invest time in keeping it clean, invest in clothing that will always make you look and feel your absolute best!

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