The Royal Ascot is an elegant and luxurious day out, and the perfect excuse to dress up in your impressive fashionable attire and feel a million dollars! Over the past 300 years, Ascot has become the centrepiece of the British social calendar. Which is why it’s time for us ladies to show what we’ve got!
So do you know what to wear this year? Some of you may have a rough idea how you will grace this years event, or perhaps this is your first year and feel unsure of the Royal enclosure guidelines. To help put you at ease, here are the guidelines.


The Guidelines
At the Royal enclosure you are required to wear the following;
• Skirts and dresses to fall just above the knee or longer.
• Dresses and tops must have straps one inch or more.
• Full length matching trousers are welcome.
• Hats must be worn or headpieces with a 4 inch base or more as an alternative.

When I think of Ascot, I imagine the very beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Her elegance and confidence still has an impact on people today. Her outfits enhanced her beauty and I especially loved her outfit for My Fair Lady (picture below). What you notice most about this particular outfit is the hat. As mentioned above, hats and headpieces must be worn, and its this particular fashion piece that every woman wants to get right.




I have put together a few different looks to excite and inspire, followed by the finishing touch masterpieces by the amazingly talented Carrie Jenkinson Millinery.



The outfits

Subtle and elegant

The floral skirt from Coast will make you feel super elegant and classy. The movement of the skirt as you walk is eye catching and beautiful. To balance the look and add a touch of glamour, wear a chunkier necklaces and earrings.



Bright and colourful

This outstanding dress from Karen Millen is definitely going to get you noticed. The bright colour will instantly make you feel confident. This figure hugging dress suits the slender figures and the hourglass.



Glamorous and a little bit sexy

Another great piece by Karen Millen. Elegant, glamorous, sexy, you’d definitely be the one to watch. You can either wear black shoes and accessories or add colours such as red, hot pink, coral or teal.


Now for the finishing touch, the hats. Here are just a few examples of the beauty of the Carrie Jenkinson Millinery collection. Carrie is inspired by nature and uses feathers to create her unique pieces. It is my pleasure to introduce such a wonderful designer. A designer that creates fascinators, headpieces and hats for all occasions. I’m sure you’ll be tempted to invest in Carrie’s collection.







The collection is available online, order now

Hopefully now you are feeling excited to put together your outfit for Ascot. Uncover your creative side and impress all your friends!

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