Firstly, Congratulations on your Engagement. Such an exciting time in your life!
One of the first things you are bound to think about is the dress you’ll be wearing when you walk down the aisle to your future husband. Finding the right dress can be a bit overwhelming. I have worked with many brides to find the perfect dress, having someone to guide you makes the whole process enjoyable and stress free!


Finding the right dress
There are countless amounts of bridal shops, therefore it’s important to go with the shop owner or manager that you most click with, as they will do everything in their power to make sure you feel a million dollars, instead of trying to make a sale. You’ll probably know the right person to help you as soon as you meet them.


I have recently got married and had the privilege to work with a shop manager that made the impossible possible. Michele from the store Marianne Jessica in Bromley, Kent was an incredible support. My expertise in Personal Styling came in handy as I had a clear idea of how I wanted to look on the day. From just a few words, Michele knew exactly what I wanted and brought out the most stunning dress I’d ever seen! It was perfect for my beach wedding, physique and personality, it was the only dress I tried on.


I chose the dress about 10 months before I was due to get married so the pressure was ON to stay in shape. But in early November last year, something amazing happened. I fell pregnant, and it is a miracle baby! I was overwhelmed with happiness, I have the great honour to be a mother. What followed was a strong wave of fear. How on earth was I going to fit in my wedding dress?!
Of course I had to chose the very expensive low cut back, halter neck, tight fitting lace down to mid thigh that wasn’t at all forgiving!! I went straight to the bridal shop and told Michele that I had a little problem. Michele instantly put my mind at ease and told me how she could alter it. I just had to have regular fittings to Monitor my growth. 5 star quality service.


At about 4 weeks before the wedding we could see my growing rate and the dress was altered accordingly. Michele did an incredible job by turning the zip at the back into a corset which went over the bum to allow growth at the front and in the hips, plus darts to pull the fabric in under the breasts as they have gotten so big!


The result was amazing and if anything I loved the dress even more. I had complete confidence that I would feel my best at my wedding and the baby boy bump of 5 months made the day even more special.


If I had just gone to any dress shop, I really don’t believe that I would have got this much care and support, I would highly recommend any future bride to make the journey to this fantastic shop.

Photos of the wedding day at the Zeavola Resort Koh Phi Phi, Thailand 14.04.2017

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