Fashion has many styles. Casual, trendy, vibrant, equestrian, alternative, sexy, preppy, classic… but no matter what your style and where you love to shop, the rules remain the same. There are 10 fashion mistakes that in my opinion are an absolute no no. Making the below fashion mistakes can ruin your entire look.


  1. Stickers on shoes

One of my main pet peeves is most definitely women that leave stickers on the bottom of their shoes. You could be wearing your most glamorous outfit but if the stickers are on the shoes, it devalues the entire look. I’ll never forget when I saw a groom on his wedding day forget to take off the stickers from the bottom of his shoes, everyone saw when the bride and groom were knelt down. It was one of the main topics of the entire day! Don’t let that be you, as amusing as it seemed at the time.


2. Tags on clothes

You know… the labels on the items that seem determined to pop out and say hello. I’ve been in many situations where someone is talking to me and I can see their tag sticking out and all I can think about is tucking the label back in for them; sometimes even a stranger on the train! It draws attention and looks untidy. If you are constantly having to tuck the labels in, simply cut them out.


3. Dark tights, light shoes


As you can see from the image above, it’s not the best look. Although quirky, this look can make your legs look shorter and draw attention solely to your feet. Nude or light tights work very well with dark shoes if you like the contrast but not the other way around.


4. Foundation marks

Foundation is great for covering up blemishes and having an all over flawless face. Flawless unless the foundation stops on the jaw line. Always apply your foundation to your face and neck; making sure that it’s the right toner your skin, and blend it in to avoid the streaky unfinished look.


5. Creased clothing


Seems like the obvious one, but wearing creased clothing looks so messy. It’s comes across that you don’t have pride in your appearance, or perhaps no self worth! Apart from the clothing that is designed to be slightly creased, always make sure your clothes are clean and pressed.



6. Showing a little too much


Many women think that if you show a lot of flesh that you’ll get more attention. While that is true, it’s not necessarily the attention you want. Showing too much makes you more of an object. What would you prefer, to wear something that leaves little to the imagination, or wear something that makes men wonder what’s underneath? The latter is far better if you’re wanting a long term relationship. If you like to show off your breasts for example, make sure you are wearing a modest length skirt, jeans, leggings or trousers. If you like to show off your legs, don’t have such a revealing top half.



7. Choosing a size too small


Wearing trousers, skirts and under garments that are a little on the small side cut into the body, distorting the contours which unfortunately can cause the dreaded muffin top! Even if you’re buying the correct size, It’s always best to try on and double check that it fits you properly, as different fabrics have different effects. For example with underwear, lace has no give, cotton is more forgiving. Don’t be afraid to buy a size up to avoid disturbing your contours, it doesn’t mean your big, it means you are a smart shopper!  A good indication of wearing the wrong size is if you have a mark where your underwear was, once removed.



8. Have you been tangoed?


We all love to be tanned. That sun kissed glow that gets so much attention and makes us feel good. But how much is too much? There’s a lot of mixed feelings on having sun beds sporadically as it’s bad for the skin, so that leaves fake tan. Although this is definitely the safe option, i’ve seen too many women that have taken it too far and look as if they’ve been tangoed!



9. Lipstick on your teeth


Ever had someone point out that you have lipstick on your teeth? Or have you made a trip to the restroom and realised you’ve been speaking to someone with lipstick on your teeth the entire time? It’s embarrassing and something that can be avoided. As a general rule, when you are wearing a bright or intense shade of lipstick or gloss, check your teeth before you leave the house, when you make a trip to the restroom and when you’re with company, subtly run your index finger across your teeth while looking at the cocktail menu for example, people would assume you’re thinking about what to order.

For more confidence when wearing the bright or intense colour, choose a lipstick that is long lasting and doesn’t fade. My absolute favourite is Estee Lauder Pure Color.


And finally…

10. Scuffed, damaged or dirty shoes


What is your first thought when you look at this image? It’s ugly and dirty, and one of the biggest mistakes when promoting that you are a stylish woman. I’ve exaggerated with this image, but even scuffed shoes should be avoided. You can tell a lot about someone’s footwear. It’s a great indication to their self confidence, style and financial status. Wearing footwear like this will make you seem like you are a messy person, no self worth or confidence, or that you simply don’t care. Invest in good footwear and try not to wear the same pairs to death. Buy shoe polish, take them to the shoe repair store as soon as you begin to see faults, and keep your footwear in a place where they will not get damaged.


Got any questions? Please comment below and i’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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