Imagine a world where you walk into a room and everyone stops to look at you. You radiate confidence and have a style that everyone admires! Want this to be you? Keep reading…

Developing this aura at first can feel a little out of your comfort zone but with these tips, you’ll feel like the best version of you in no time! Let’s begin…


The power of positive thinking


The first thing i’d like you to develop, is a positive state of mind. What you tell yourself on a daily basis sends signals through the rest of the body, therefore it is so important that you always try to tell yourself good things and treat yourself well. Put a positive spin on everything and enjoy the upward spiral to a true natural self confidence!

If you are not sure what to say to yourself, try affirmations. You can write them on a mirror or keep them in a place more private, say them out loud as much as you can. Here are a few for inspiration;

  • As I change my thoughts, the world around me changes.
  • I have unlimited potential. Only good lies before me.
  • I will surround myself with people that bring out the best in me.
  • I will let go of negative thoughts and feelings about myself.
  • I accept others as they are, and they in turn accept me as I am.



Body Language 


Body language is powerful and a very important part of having an impact on any room and anyone. When you understand the secrets you’ll feel ready for anything! You can give off many signals with your body; positive and negative. I used to be so shy and it would project through my body language. Others would comment on my nervous behaviour and it would make me even more self conscious. My nervousness held me back in so many ways, until I came across Life Coaching where is studied the psychology behind image and the secrets. It helped me become more confident and I started to feel the difference almost instantly, this has led to me starting my business and now provide the Life Styling service within my company! It doesn’t take long for people to decide what they think of you, therefore I want you to be one step ahead. With these tips practiced to perfection, you always have the desired impact!

  • Keep your head up – looking down can make you look shy, no confidence or a little shady. By keeping your head up, you’ll see many more opportunities such as a job, friendships and someone you’re attracted to, and all the beauty in the world!
  • Don’t hide behind objects – holding a glass permanently in front of your face while having a conversation for example can make you look tense, closed up and nervous. Put that drink down, learn and observe how people respond to you.
  • Don’t fidget – over playing with jewellery, glasses, hair and biting nails for example can all be a sign of shyness or possibly loosing concentration or interest. Not a good thing when trying to make acquaintances as it’s distracting for those around you. Stand or sit with confidence and don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks! Be truly in the room and enjoy your surroundings. If you do find this difficult at first, try squeezing your fingers together or holding something small to squeeze. It’s discreet and will help calm you.

Practice this at home with close friends and family, without mentioning to them what you’re doing and see how quickly your confidence escalates in an upward spiral. While practising, feed yourself positive thoughts; you can pin point all the great qualities of those around you and all the great qualities you have yourself. If it helps, think of a time when you felt at your most confident and happy. Are you feeling lifted and instantly smile? good, use this and let the positive energy flow through you.

  • Posture – Having a good posture is important for your mind and body. And to top that, it makes you look taller, slimmer, stand out and increases attraction.  Have a look at the images below, the image on the left is slouched, causing the head to pitch forward, the shoulders roll forward, the breasts look slightly drooped and the stomach appears rounded. Generally untoned and lacks confidence. The image on the right is correct. You can see the model is stood up straight, the shoulders are held back which makes the breasts appear bigger, and the stomach is pulled up. To achieve this, imagine a rod that runs through your centre and up your spine into your neck and imagine a faint light shining from your breast bone. Practice in front of a mirror and see how different you look and feel.

Little tip: Hold in the stomach 30% at all times so that you can breathe, talk and work. This will help to train and tone your body to that shape, and it’ll be second nature to always hold your stomach in.




  • Use your eyes – You’ve probably heard me say this before but your eyes are the key to your soul. Just like your body language, the eyes can give off both positive and negative signals. In order to look confident and feel in control you must do the following;

Maintain good eye contact – If you look all over the place, it can look like you’re not really interested or genuine, or quite possibly that you have a low self esteem. If you have trouble looking at someone whether it’s in silence or conversation look at the person’s pupils and the colour of their eyes in detail… That’s at least 5 seconds already!

Smile with your eyes – think of a time where you were immensely happy and whenever you relive it you can’t help but smile. That face you’re pulling now, that’s the smile people find infectiously attractive and won’t be able to resist hanging out with you.


Walk like you’re on a runway


When you walk into any room I want you to imagine everyone is watching and admiring you, just like on a catwalk. Think grace and elegance that floats across the room with a quiet confident aura. It’s subtle but has a massive impact on others! Again, it’s important to practise at home until it feels natural.


Wear your personality
People only really judge you by what you wear, if you’re unsure about the outfit yourself. It’s so important to wear outfits that symbolise and express who you are. I see many people that dress to get a particular attention from others… but if it’s not really you, you will attract the wrong kind of attention.

After a bit of practice you will enjoy the amazing effect you have on others, and who knows… maybe you’ll discover a new you that can achieve things you never thought possible!


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