image2-1A makeover in just a day. Perfect for those with busy lives wanting the fast and effective way to a better self confidence and unforgettable style! We also style you for specific occasions such as a wedding, a date, important business events or a glamorous party where you want to shine! This Includes hair and makeup!

Have a read through the following fashion day options and decide which one of these are right of you.

Day makeover option one

Perfect if you want help with your existing wardrobe followed by shopping for items to complete your look.

Your day begins in the comfort of your own home. Together, you and your stylist will take a look at your existing wardrobe to help you create new outfit combinations you may not have thought of on a daily basis, plus tips on what could be added to your wardrobe to make it more exciting for you. We want you to wake up inspired by what you have in your wardrobe and look forward to putting together something new, and visualising the whole outfit with ease; including accessories, bags and shoes. Better yet, you will know what colours compliment you best, what body type you have and how to create illusions to emphasise all your best bits and disguise the bits you’re not quite so happy with.

Personal shop

Once you’re happy with what needs to be added to your wardrobe and what colours and styles suit you best, you and your stylist will venture out to a shopping area that has all the stores that suit your style and budget.

In order to feel like you have the knowledge for the future, your stylist will test you on what you’ve learnt so far by putting theory into practice; asking you to choose items and colours that you’ve been told best compliments your features and frame. We don’t want you to end the day feeling unsure about a thing. We pride ourselves on our memorable teaching techniques. No more confusion for you when shopping.

We will conclude the day by talking about what you’ve learnt plus any questions you may have, over a glass of bubbly of course! We love our clients to change into some of the new items to see the affect it has on your confidence and how others perceive you.

5 hours (£350)

Day makeover option two

This option is great if you want to get a brand new wardrobe and need help with your makeup and hair from day to night!

Personal Shopping

We start the day by having a consultation over a coffee. It’s important that before you start your shop, you and your stylist get to know each other. The stylist will ask you some questions about what you’d like achieve by the end of the day, what you like and dislike about yourself and together formulate a plan of action! Once you are feeling excited to get started you will head to the stores that are right for you.

As you go round the shops, you will be advised on what colours and styles most suit you and how to cleverly combine creative outfits on a daily basis!

Hair and/or makeup tips by the professionals

Once you feel happy with your new and improved wardrobe, you and your stylist will head to the beauty department. You will meet with our hairstylist and either get your hair dyed, cut or both, or you can learn how to style your current look. Then on to the makeup. You will get personal day makeup and evening makeup tips. You will discover the foundation tone for your skin, what eye shadow colour shades enhance your natural beauty, and how to apply makeup from day to evening. You will never wander how to apply makeup again!

At the end of your day, you and your stylist will go for a cheeky cocktail and see the difference your hair, makeup and clothing has on you and others!

4 hours (£350)

Day Makeover option 3

You have a very important event coming up and want to look your absolute best. Our stylists will help you choose your gorgeous outfit, followed by getting your hair and makeup done by the professionals!

Finding your look

You and your stylist will have a detailed chat about the event and the look you want to achieve for your event that night or coming up. If you’re not sure, that’s what we are here for. Your stylist will be able to tell what will look great on you for this event based on your features and frame. We want you to feel a million Dollars!

Finding your outfit with a stylist is hassle free, we do all the work for you, all you need to do is enjoy the day and feel and excited and confident that you are going to wear will have the desired affect. Your stylist will help with accessories, bags and shoes as well, adding extra colours or textures to your look.

Makeup and hair

Now it’s time for the finishing touches, the icing on the cake! You will have your hair styled, cut, dyed or all the above especially for your big night. If your night isn’t just yet, you will be shown how to style your new look, or have an appointment booked for the special day. Same applies for the makeup. We are a hands on team that wants every client to feel they look and feel their absolute best!

4 hours (£280)