Ever notice how some people just effortlessly radiate style? Do you have that one friend who just always looks great, whatever the occasion?

The secret… a lot of looking great is down to the colours you wear!

The right colours make you look younger, compliment your complexion, enhance your natural beauty, make your hair look healthier and with certain colours you can enhance your eye colour. And there’s more, we have come up with a unique colour psychology so you know how what message you are projecting to others; and this can benefit you in all personal and professional situations. Style just got a lot more interesting…

Our unique consultation will show you how to combine, complement and contrast these colours to get the perfect look for you. And it’s not restricted to your natural colours either – if you’re the kind of person that likes to dye your hair funky colours, or use colourful makeup, this is ideal for you too.

“One of my friends bought me a session for my birthday. I wasn’t expecting too much initially, as I have always experimented with colour, and over the years I felt I have found a few combinations that work. My session with Candice really opened my mind – we found several combinations that really bring out the best in me, it looks fabulous. I am now looking at my wardrobe and beauty products in a totally new light!”

Joanne 30

In this consultation, based in our studio, we will:

You will leave with a full understanding of how to get the best out of your personal colours, and the ability to effortlessly radiate style.
1.5 hours £120 Book now