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“Candice is so lovely and highly professional. I hated shopping, I found shopping for clothes daunting and would get so anxious. Candice showed me how to overcome these feelings and helped me to develop my Fashion sense. I don’t know how she did but I love to go shopping now and have become so creative with my style that friends now ask for my advice. Thank you Candice!”
– Sara, 31

How you feel about yourself and your fashion sense is so important. How you feel projects through your pores and others will judge you based on what they see. Did you know that it only takes someone 7 seconds to decide what they think of you? A harsh reality but there is something we can do. My Personal Shopping sessions will help you to discover what suits your body shape, skin tone, eye colour, enhance your attributes, where to shop and how to show off your personality. It’s truly amazing what can be done through Fashion.

I can style you for any occasion: weddings, cruises, events, updating your current look or a complete makeover, taking the stress out of shopping and making you feel a million dollars!

At the end of your time with me you’ll have a much better knowledge of the fashion styles that work for you, what colours bring out your features and personality, with the advantage of knowing how to be creative and experimental with Fashion on a daily basis, transforming you into the ultimately stylish woman that everyone admires.

£70 per hour. We recommend a minimum of three hours. Contact Candice to book your Personal Shopping session today!

* For best results, make sure you have a minimum of £150 to spend on your new look.