Everyone is unique. With all the fashion styles out there, it can be hard to trust that the outfits you buy really compliment your frame. A Style Analysis is the perfect way to help you fully understand your body type, plus all the top tips on how to dress it. Creating illusions for looking slimmer and having longer legs for example.

“I was initially a little nervous about having a style consultation, as I’m not used to having the spotlight put on my body. Candice was very friendly though, soon we were talking like old friends, and I felt very relaxed. The advice she gave me has worked wonders. I ended up buying several new outfits afterwards, and I have received a lot of compliments about how I look since.”

Mark 42

In this consultation, based in our studio, we will:

You will leave knowing exactly how to dress in a way that suits your body structure. You will be able to enjoy a new confidence in the way you dress, and the way people see you.

1.5 hours £140 Book now