Do you get drawn to someone with a positive and highly attractive aura, wishing you had the same effect? That powerful yet effortless style that engages the entire room! What if we told you we have the power and experience to achieve this in just a few days…? An investment that is potentially life changing!

Candice and her incredible team work closely with individuals, helping them with every aspect of their personal image. From the way you are perceived as a person, to your fashion sense, the team are incredible at getting every client to fully understand what works for them; ultimately gaining a level of style and confidence they never thought possible.

Let us help you become the confident individual you’ve always wanted to be, with the conviction to achieve anything!

Day One – 6 hours
£700 full day – Group session 2-6 people
£1000 full day 1 on 1

The meet n greet
Candice will welcome you in to her office to chat all about you. Your personal likes and dislikes plus what you’ve always wanted to achieve with your look, but never known how to get it right. You will then be introduced to the team. Candice feels it’s important for her team to know the end result before they even get started!


Style Analysis
The style analysis is to discover your true body type. Your body is the core of your image, without fully understanding what your body type is, you won’t know the full benefits of dressing it. In this session, Candice will show you how to create illusions with your clothing and accessories to give you the desired effect.


Colour Analysis
Colour is a very powerful part of style, the right colours can make you look slimmer, more youthful and enhance your natural beauty. Together you will determine what colours make you look and feel great, using coloured drapes. You will also discover the power of colour psychology and how it benefits you on a personal and professional capacity.


Wardrobe Restyle
To gain a greater understanding of your style needs, Candice will look through your existing wardrobe. She will know instantly your strengths and weaknesses with fashion, plus your shopping habits. After the analysis your wardrobe will be organised in a way that is easy to maintain and inspiring for you on a daily basis. From assessing your wardrobe, Candice will know the next step you need to take to complete your wardrobe.


Day Two – 6 hours
£700 full day – Group session 2-6 people 
£1000 full day 1 on 1

Personal Shopping
From the information of day one, you and Candice will go shopping!! Candice is known in many of the stores and she certainly knows how to ensure every client has the 1st class treatment. You will start to see your look dramatically transform during the personal shop; learn all the tricks and even pick out items you never thought you’d pull off! The personal shopping takes up to 4 hours, a fun and rewarding journey.


Hair is the icing on the cake! When you have a bad hair day, it lowers your mood. Our hair expert will put an end to that! Our hair expert will assess your hair and it’s current style and tell you if it’s right. She can do everything from colour, cut to the style you’ve always wanted; plus teaching you how to style your hair each day and the products to make styling even easier!


Day Three
£700 full day – Group session 2-6 people
£1000 full day 1 on 1

Skin Care
Your skin resembles what you put inside your body and the products you use; but are you getting it right? You will have the luxury of having a chat with a top skin care expert to find out the most beneficial ways of looking after your skin, making it more youthful and healthy looking. As an extra treat you will have a facial that celebrities swear by.


Makeup (women)
Makeup is used to highlight and enhance your natural beauty, however so many women wear the wrong shades or too much foundation; causing the makeup to go in to the fine wrinkles making them more obvious. When it comes to makeup, less is definitely more! This makeup session will be with a professional makeup artist. You will be taught what styles of makeup suits you best and the colours that give you a radiant glow. From day makeup to night, you will know all the top tips to making yourself look and feel sensational!


Expression and body language – Learn to express who you are through your body language
It’s very important to understand what your body language is saying to others, you might be projecting a nervous aura in a place where you need to exude power and confidence. Candice will tell you how it works; and show you how you can make the unspoken words scream confidence! This session covers all areas of your life, including walking and posture.


Manners and etiquette
Learn how to be graceful through gaining an understanding of manners and etiquette. Being the perfect guest and learning how to behave in every social situation. This is guaranteed to give you a higher level of confidence, giving you the belief to achieve anything. This is the service that will develop your confidence so much that social situations will no longer make you feel nervous or anxious.


New beginnings – The fun bit…
To conclude your experience and start your new life; Candice and the team will take you for a drink to celebrate! You will be styled for this occasion and see what a difference the last three days has already made to your life!

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Optional bonus day – The Makeover Fashion Shoot

Become a fashion model for the day with your very own Makeup Artist, Hairstylist and lead Personal Stylist Candice, the CEO of Fotheringham Styling. Your fashion day will be five hours in a beautiful studio with a top photographer to bring your images to life!

This bonus day is perfect if;

  • You have issues being photographed and want to overcome this fear and always have the memory and images to look back on. You will be taught how to stand and pose in order to project your best self. Standing for those group or solo photos will never be an issue again!
  • You have thoroughly enjoyed being styled by our team and now want to have creative images to go with your creative new look.
  • You want to have a creative photoshoot for a loved one as a gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. This can be just you or a small group, all getting the same treatment with a Makeover, Hairstylist and Personal Stylist.
  • You simply want to treat yourself.
  • Book now to enjoy this unique fashion day experience. You will receive five high-quality photos to review in the future and be proud of.

    5 hours from £750

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